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The Life Lessons My Father Taught Me Through Yoga

By Linsay Lerman, Yoga Journal

In honor of Father’s Day, our writer shares the insight and clarity she found on the mat alongside her father as she was coming of age.

In my adolescence, I had the pervading sense that things were not okay.Some of my concerns were banal (Where do I fit on the social hierarchy? Do I have the right possessions, the right stuff? Am I beautiful?), but others were weightier and often more pressing (Will I ever find a way to like myself? What kind of life am I going to lead? How can I figure out which people belong in my life?). I felt simultaneously like I was missing out on everything important and that I should hole up in my room and read everything I could—alone.

Cross Training

Finding Balance: The Importance of Cross Training for Yogis

By Beth Spindler, Yoga International

I recently read an article that derided yoga for being an inefficient cardio workout. I couldn’t help responding to the author by asking: “Has it ever occurred to you that yoga is ultimately not about feats of fitness, and that no sage ever promised it was a great cardio workout? Hatha yoga is meant to prepare the mind for stillness and to open the channels of energy that aid focus in meditation.”

Yoga Practice

Why We Practice: A Short History of Yoga in the West

By Anna Misiak, Yoga International

I’ve never been inclined to buy into any ideological or social systems. But having now practiced yoga for almost twelve years, I’ve noticed that yogic teachings have had a powerful effect on both my body and my mind. In addition to my daily asana practice, with time I also began incorporating some moral, philosophical, and theological teachings from yogic scriptures into my life in order to inform and enhance my experience off the mat.

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Yoga Motherhood

The Yoga of Motherhood

By Kate Hanley, Yoga International

What parenting taught me about the art of ahimsa—and the true nature of yoga.

When I was pregnant, I thought I’d feel nothing but adoring love and a deep sense of peace once my daughter, Lillian, arrived. And I did. Occasionally. But mostly I felt stressed out and ticked off.