At the Heart of Kundalini Yoga

By Devi Sawh, Huffington Post
At the heart of kundalini yoga is being able to embrace yourself as an energy being and then, everything else. If you are a student of kundalini yoga and have not yet grasped that embracing yourself as an energy being is important then you are missing the whole point.  Google the word “kundalini” and you’ll find no end to all kinds of myths and fears about what Kundalini Yoga really is. It seems, it is quite the mystery. But in my experience, that has been part of the excitement of it.
Kundalini yoga is the unfolding of your inner being. It is the transformation of your inner being that is eventually reflected in the outer. What do I mean by unfolding? Unfolding is the process of peeling away the layers that make us believe we are anything but manifestations of the divine – completely pure.