7 Common Chaturanga Mistakes

By Cezanne Colvin, Yoga International
Oh, chaturanga. It’s a tricky little asana most frequently woven into a vinyasa sequence, wedged between plank and upward facing dog-and sometimes unintentionally expressed as a  backbend, belly flop, or audible groan. Unless our teachers are feeling particularly sadistic (or have just returned from a chaturanga workshop and are bursting to share their knowledge), we often move through chaturanga so quickly that we rarely get the chance to refine our alignment. Chaturanga is a posture that many yoga practitioners understandably feel frustrated and confused about. And that’s unfortunate because it’s such a foundational pose! A carefully approached chaturanga could enhance your future arm balances and rev up your upper body and core strength. Plus, consider how many sun salutations are in your practice, particularly if you’re a vinyasa yogi. You may spend more time in chaturanga than you think, so make it worth your while and learn to build the strength that will carry you through your surya namaskarsand your practice as a whole.