Custom Gifts for your Special Yogi

KOZI Neck + Shoulder Wrap $20S-$30L

Perfect for relieving neck and shoulder stress, tension and muscle aches. The high collar and large curved shape wraps around your neck & upper shoulders providing extra luxury comfort. Warm in the microwave and enjoy penetrating heat and the benefits of aromatherapy from the 100% all natural herbs & grains. Hot or cold the Neck & Shoulder Wrap can help you relax, rejuvenate and restore your body and soul. Comes in chocolate, amethyst, moss and slate colors.

Silk Aromatherapy Eye Pillow $22-$26

Escape from it all with our 100% silk aromatherapy eye pillows. Made in India from ceremonial sari designs and solid colors. Filled with flax seeds and dried lavender, these soft and cooling eye pillows work as a mood tonic, antidepressant, headache remedy and detoxifier. Hand-washable, refillable, and adjustable (zippered opening). Used for deep relaxation after practice in Savasana, meditation, Yoga Nidra or afternoon naps.

Bolster $75

Very hard to find in retail, bolsters are the ultimate yoga prop for restoration, meditation or to flop onto at the end of the day.  Bolsters counteract aches and pains due to poor posture by softly opening up the chest, ribs and belly. They are great for your energy meridians and circulation, improve blood flow to your key organs, and encourage body Pranayama.


Chyawanprash Jam $20

Traditional Ayurvedic tonic for antioxidant support, stress reduction, & rejuvenation*
An herbal jam with apple-butter consistency, spread it on toast or eat off the spoon. Described in ancient Ayurvedic texts, Chyawanprash is a synergy of specifically selected herbs and fruits in a nutritive tonic. The principle herb Amla (Amalaki) is one of the world’s most concentrated naturally occurring sources of antioxidant Vitamin C. A spoonful a day of this 2,000 year old formula is a tasty way for people of all ages and Dosha’s to nourish mind and body, while supporting healthy immune function.* It is packed full of important herbs: amla fruit, ashwagandha, bacopa (holy basil), ginger, long pepper fruit and many more. Sweet with a hint of heat, take Chyawanprash daily to give yourself the perfect start to your day. A good source of antioxidant Vitamin C, this jam supports a healthy immune function.


Organic Ghee $18

Ghee is the crown jewel of Ayurvedic medicine and is known as the food of the gods. A delicate, aromatic substance that is solid at room temperature and melts into liquid as it warms, this organic ghee is made by boiling off the milk solids from unsalted butter, leaving only the golden oil ghee. Recent medical research has validated that the beneficial microbes in the gut actually make butyric acid, the active ingredient concentrated in ghee – that supports immunity and protects the integrity of the lining of the gut wall.  So eating ghee doesn’t only make for happy taste buds, it makes happy beneficial bacteria in your precious gut – the site of digestion and nutrient assimilation, the production of many mood-regulating neurotransmitters, and the maintenance of strong immunity. Ghee also gives your skin a beautiful, luminescent glow.

Beauty Balm $25

Award-winning Beauty Balm isn’t just about looking beautiful, it is also about deep nourishment that helps you feel beautiful from the outside-in. It might surprise you to find that ghee provides a base for this nutrient- and moisture-rich balm. According to Ayurvedic tradition, external use of ghee supports soft, supple skin by effectively helping to balance your skin’s moisture levels. Shatavari and ashwagandha are infused into this versatile formulation to tone, nourish, and rejuvenate the tissues. Beauty Balm can be your go-to balm for any body part that needs to be immersed in and protected by moisture. It is often used as a skin cream, eye cream, moisturizer for dry and aging skin, hand cream, lip balm, elbow and knee moisturizer, nail and cuticle cream, and as a deep moisturizer for the feet. Saturate your skin and give your unique beauty the opportunity to glow brightly!

Daily Massage Skin Oil $25

Massage has been used for centuries in most traditional cultures to strengthen health, well-being and vitality. An Ayurvedic oil massage, or  Abhyanga, is the application herb-infused-oil to the entire body before or after bathing.  This allows herbs to pass through minute channels in the body and penetrate deep layers of tissue. It is beneficial for rejuvenating health and used therapeutically for many disorders. Abhyanga should be incorporated into a daily routine and is appropriate for almost everyone. The effects of abhyanga is a deep feeling of stability, warmth and comfort. Not sure which oil suits your Dosha type. Schedule an appointment with our Boutique Manager at

Nitiraj Incense $15-$25

A complete natural incense made by carefully hand rolling and blending natural resins, honey, sandalwood powder, and natural essential oils to form a very slow burning incense that results in a single 8 inch stick that will burn for 1 full hour. A favorite with yoga studios for it’s select oils and totally clean burning for the respiratory system.

Why Buy From Shanti Boutique?

We are committed to providing our clients with the highest grade products such as Himalayan Institute  and Banyan Botanicals. Products dedicated to serving a greater mission of helping those in need.

Himalayan Institute

A non-profit international organization dedicated to serving humanity through educational, spiritual, and humanitarian programs, the Himalayan Institute exemplify the spiritual heritage of mankind that unite East and West, spirituality and science, ancient wisdom and modern technology. The Himalayan Institute’s humanitarian mission is yoga in action, offering spiritually grounded healing and transformation to the world. Our humanitarian projects serve impoverished communities through rural empowerment and environmental regeneration. By putting yoga philosophy into practice, our programs are empowering communities globally with the knowledge and tools needed for a lasting social transformation at the grassroots level.  Strategic partnerships serve rural communities in Camaroon, India, Mexico and Tibet providing health services, public libraries, and sustainable employment opportunities.

Banyan Botanicals

To help people achieve and maintain optimal health and well-being.
Banyan Botanicals mission stands by:
  • Empowering individuals to take personal responsibility for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health through the wisdom of Ayurveda.
  • Producing the highest quality Ayurvedic products using certified organic herbs that are sustainably sourced and fairly traded.
  • Educating, inspiring and motivating our customers by creating high quality, educational content.
  • Providing excellent customer service and guaranteed satisfaction.

USDA Certified Organic

When you purchase Banyon Botanticals certified organic herbs and Ayurveda products, you can be confident that you are making a healthful choice, while also contributing to a more sustainable planet. Organic herbs are produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations.

Sustainable Sourcing

Most Ayurvedic herbs on the market are wild-harvested without regard for the long-term effects on the species or the environment. Many widely used plants are threatened and in danger of being unavailable either through extinction or protective legislation. Banyan Botanicals is working to reverse this trend by supporting sustainable projects that use ecologically-friendly methods of farming and harvesting.

Trading Fairly

Banyan Botanicals is committed to trading fairly with everyone involved in the farming and production of our herbs.
  • The farmers are paid a fair and stable price for their crops
  • We provide extra income for farmers to improve their quality of life
  • We assist small farmers in achieving a stronger position in world markets

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