Workplace Wisdom: Creating a Life of Prosperity & Purpose

 CANCELLED. Transform your career and life using the time-tested wisdom of the Yoga Sutra

Friday, March 24, 6–9 pm
Saturday, March 25, 1–4 pm
Sunday, March 26, 1–4pm 

Cost: $225 early bird before February 10, $275 after

In this one-of-a-kind program, you can will gain clarity and an action plan to fulfill your career potential. You will learn to:

  • Use the Creation Equation of Achievement
  • Identify your unique purpose or Dharma 
  • Craft your personal mission statement or Sankalpa 
  • Identify self-limiting beliefs or Vikalpa & strategies to dismantle them
  • Create specific action to support your transformation or Departure Point 
  • Learn the 8 Limbs path of right living of mind, body and spirit to realize your goals.

Yoga is a practical and comprehensive system for realizing life’s aims. The yoga tradition provides one of humankind’s most effective systems for achieving enrichment and happiness in all aspects of life. 

The program is led by Tricia Fiske, Corporate Consultant, 500 RYT, Mentor & Teacher, Lisa Bertke, Entrepreneur, 500 RYT, and Michael Cummings, MBA and 20 year veteran business coach.

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