21 Day Spring Tune Up Program

21 Day Spring Tune Up Program

April 7 – April 21 CANCELLED

3 workshops= Only $150!

Based on the time-tested wisdom of Ayurveda, the Spring Tune Up program will guide you through a 21 day detoxification process of your physical, mental & emotional bodies to bring clarity to shift your momentum to thrive! You will lose weight, burn toxins, boost energy, improve mood, increase immunity, identify goals for transformation. All 3 sessions for $150. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

The Spring Tune Up Program is a 21-day renewal program designed to reboot your metabolism and enthusiasm for life and includes:

  • 3 week commitment or 21 Days
  • 3 Friday workshops to address every level of your body, mind, and lifestyle
  • Workshop #1, Friday, April 7, 6:30–8:30pm — Getting Started: Simplify, Create Space & Identify Your Goals
    What is your intention and personal goals this spring? What do you need more of and less of in your life? What area of your life needs a Tune Up? Get clear on what you really want, what changes you need to make, and how to let your intention guide you as you strategize goals and create a plan to ensure the achievement of your intention and start jump start your journey to a more fulfilled life.
  • Workshop #2, Friday, April 14, 6:30–8:30pm — Stoke Your Digestive Fires: Harness the Power of Detoxification
    Using the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda we can learn to live in harmony with the nature’s cycles to maximize our health and vitality. Join Lisa Bertke for an informative workshop and learn how to spring clean your old habits and toxins to bring our bodies and minds into balance to reboot your metabolism and enthusiasm. This workshop will cover cleansing foods that work to restore vitality, creating a daily self-care routine and developing a meditation practice.
  • Workshop #3, Friday, April 21, 6:30–8:30pm — Evolve Your Body Wisdom: Tap Into Your Intuition
    Now that you are clear about what you want, have made positive change and progress toward your best life, how do you sustain this change? Learn how to use the wisdom of the 8 limbed path in everyday life.

This program is designed for students of all levels and is a powerful system comprised of yoga and lifestyle workshops and is designed to stoke your metabolism and enthusiasm and make permanent, positive changes in your life.

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