Prana Welcomes Back Charisse Crisci

Charisse Crisci

Charisse Crisci

We are pleased to announce the return of Charisse who will be filling the Wednesday 9am Vinyasa Flow class and subbing many more.

Charisse is a heart-centered yogini that teaches a strong, devotional flow-style practice that will deeply nourish, replenish and regenerate you on all levels. She holds multiple certifications including advanced level Thai yoga bodywork and yoga therapy.

As a mentor for women and men, she developed a platform for guiding clients using yoga, breath, sound & body based movement to tap into the body’s intelligence for release of stress, tension and patterns held deeply within the layers of the body and mind.

Since 2004, she has been studying and practicing yoga and holds multiple certifications in yoga, Thai yoga bodywork, yoga for therapy, trauma-informed yoga, reiki and energy healing. She currently studies astrology and imbues it into her sessions, classes & workshops. Dedicated to the yogini path, she embodies the ancient teachings into her daily life and relationships.

Completing a bachelors degree in business & a masters degree in finance she was led to work in the corporate field for 12 years until she became a mom in 2003.  Since 2007, she has been establishing her private practice in the healing arts. It is through her deep life process of depression, anxiety, health challenges and personal struggle with living in this world that led her to yoga, metaphysical studies and holistic healing. She continues to be inspired to learn and considers herself a student.

As a yoga teacher, Charisse skillfully leads classes that guide students deep into the heart, allowing space for reflection, contemplation and healing at the more subtle layers of the body-mind-heart. She offers a dynamic, somatic approach for students to journey through the body’s inner landscape and the mind’s perceptions for deeper self-awareness.

As a Thai bodywork specialist, her therapeutic sessions open energy channels that awaken & activate crystalline structures within the body to support higher vibrations and expansion of consciousness. Clients feel a deeper inward connection promoting harmony, peace and well-being while physically releasing muscle tension, stiffness and stress.

Charisse is deeply committed and devoted to the divine mother and studies the mythology stories through all traditions. She facilitates women’s circles, guiding them through feminine embodiment and Shakta practices known to be healing and transformational. She enjoys traveling, looks to facilitate retreats, and to co-create with other teachers.