Do you have what it takes to be a yoga teacher?

Top 8 Qualities of the Best Yoga Teachers

If your love of yoga has led you to start dreaming of becoming a yoga instructor, you may wonder if you have what it takes. In an often oversaturated market, it is important to stand out and separate yourself as you go from good to great. After all, there are a lot of factors that can make a huge difference. From a lack of expertise and experience to a dull teacher, various aspects can determine if you have what it takes. While there certainly is no industry standard, the following qualities can help you as you begin your practice and stay mindful of your teaching.

  1. An ability to connect with students
    Whether you have 25 people in your class or are doing one-on-one instruction, having the ability to make everyone feel comfortable is essential. You can touch the hearts of your students and have an impact on their love of yoga simply by ensuring that every one of them feels like they belong.
  2. Commanding attention with a calm presence
    The natural confidence you exude as a yoga teacher should come across in your every move. Your students should be inspired by your grace and seek your attention through a gentle touch, whisper, or even an approving glance to uplift their spirit.
  3. Positive energy and friendly personality
    Yoga is about a strong, yet calm energy that remains focused, centered and enthusiastic for every class. While personality is unique to every teacher, your students should feel your warmth and friendliness the moment they are in your presence.
  4. Preparation for each and every class
    Even if you have been practicing yoga for years and can gracefully shift from one Vinyasa to the next, it is important to always prepare for each and every class. Know what you are going to teach as well as any conversation or messages you want to share with your students. Being prepared will you keep a peaceful and calming environment at all times.
  5. Deliver a personalized experience
    Each student in your class is there for a different reason. As we journey through life we all experience stress and other emotions that can throw us off balance. These aspects are often what draw us to practice yoga in the first place. By adding a personalized touch to your class, be it a special phrase, particular environment, or certain teaching style, you cater to students seeking balance in their life.
  6. Flexibility beyond your body
    There is no doubt that you are already quite flexible! But the best-certified yoga teachers are flexible in their teaching styles as well. They cater to the needs of their class. Sometimes you may need to adjust the flow of your class based on new students, abilities, or other needs. Use your intuition to help you stay flexible every time you teach.
  7. A love of yoga
    It should go without saying, but the best way to teach is by example. Your love of yoga should radiate in your every move. By staying consistent in your own practice, you can ensure your students stay unwavering on their own.
  8. Attention to detail
    The top yoga teachers are alert and attentive to details. They understand when simple adjustments need to be made as they watch their students move. They make sure no one is going to get hurt or doing things that are beyond their current ability. They ensure that everything is executed as it should. When your students believe that you have their best interest in mind, they will continue to return again and again. Happy students are active students!

While all of these qualities are absolutely important for yoga teachers, you also should love to teach and want to inspire. Not everyone who loves yoga wants to teach it. In fact, many times it is a very individual practice. But those who truly love and feel inspired to teach can help people overcome physical limitations, explain the medical benefits of various postures, and demonstrate a knowledge that helps them gain credibility in the industry. Do you think you have the qualities to be a certified yoga teacher?

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