Prana Yoga Center has partnered with Global Family Yoga to offer children’s yoga specialty training

Global Family Yoga LogoMany children today struggle with attention, focus, anxiety or “behavior issues.” Yoga looks at the deeper wisdom of the human mind and root cause of these conditions rather than the symptoms.

Yoga teachers, school teachers, parents and other pediatric professionals will benefit from this deeper understanding and be better able to help children.

Learn Safe, Engaging, and Effective Ways to Help Children Learn Yoga

Yoga and meditation can transform the ways children handle stress and carry themselves through life. Yoga practices have been proven to help children lead more stable lives.

When children learn fun ways to create good feelings, healthy bodies and stable minds, they can improve in all aspects of their lives — and handle challenging situations with more ease.

In this course you will learn:

  • Specific cues to use for kids in yoga poses so you can share the practice with confidence and ease
  • Basic practices you can use again and again at home or in class
  • The key poses that help children develop stability – the foundation of well-being
  • The exact words to use to help kids relax
  • Specific actions to change situations from frustrating to focused
Children marching in kids yoga class

THIS TRAINING IS FOR: Yoga teachers wishing to specialize in teaching yoga to children including pediatric professionals who wish to augment their experience and expertise with the tools and techniques of Yoga.

The program is open to everyone who wants to teach yoga to children. You do NOT need prior Yoga certification to take part in this training.

This program teaches you the unique tools and techniques for making yoga safe, effective, and engaging for kids of all ages.

Upcoming Children’s Yoga Teacher Trainings


Saturday, April 27–Sunday, April 28

Time: 10am–6pm
Cost: $325

Adults taking children's yoga teacher training


Mira Binzen

Mira Binzen is primary faculty for the Children’s Yoga Teacher Training program and is a Global Family Yoga instructor. She discovered the practice to be an exquisite way for both children and adults to integrate their sensory experiences while cultivating awareness, balance and openness in both body and mind. This initial insight sparked a passion that continues to burn brightly as she shares the timeless teachings of yoga with students of all ages and abilities.

Her blend of playfulness and professionalism provides an engaging, safe and joyful experience for all. Her education, experience, and deep commitment to improving the lives of children and families are combined to create a training program of the highest quality. Read Mira’s full bio >

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