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Welcome to Prana, voted Best of the Fox!

We offer both traditional and contemporary yoga to meet the needs of the beginner to the advanced yoga student.

Explore all our yoga styles including:

• Beginners • Restorative • Hatha • Kundalini • Forrest • Vinyasa Flow • Prenatal • ChildBlossom Yoga


For first time yoga practitioners, we recommend following the class progression:

Beginners Yoga or Restorative Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Vinyasa Flow or Forrest Yoga
Beginner’s Yoga serves new students and current practitioners alike with a safe, non-competitive environment. Our most experienced teachers will guide you through basic postures and breathing techniques. Your personal needs and goals are our priority. This class gives you the confidence and experience you need to enjoy all the styles and levels offered at Prana Yoga Center.

Restorative Yoga offers the amazing benefits of yoga by using ease rather than effort. Perfect for healing and rejuvenating, and releasing psychic tension. Anyone can benefit from Restorative Yoga no matter what level of activity you are accustomed to and no matter what your experience is with yoga. Postures are practiced with supportive props such as, blankets, bolsters, blocks, and straps aid the ease in your effort.
Hatha yoga, a classical form of yoga, uses the body to strengthen and steady the mind. Physical techniques such as breathwork and carefully aligned postures improve your overall awareness and self-control. Our Hatha yoga classes offer thoughtfully planned sequences of poses that develop strength, flexibility, and balance. We incorporate straps, blocks, blankets, and chairs to deepen your connection with each pose. Relax your mind into steadiness and ease.
These classes are appropriate for students who want a challenge.

For the best experience, we recommend completion of our Beginner’s Yoga class and knowledge of the sun salutations before attending Vinyasa Flow or Forrest Yoga Classes.

Vinyasa Flow, an active practice, synchronizes breath with movement creating a seamless flow from posture to posture. Creatively sequenced, our Vinyasa Flow 1 class features movement and mindful holds using sun salutations, twisting, back-bending, and inversions. After this purifying activity, awaken and connect to your subtle energy body with pranayama (breath/energy work) and meditation.

Vinyasa Flow 1-2 applies the basics of Vinyasa 1 to a more advanced practice, exposing you to a wider range of poses, creative transitions, and a more dynamic pace. Increase the power and fluidity of your Vinyasa yoga practice.

Forrest Yoga offers a rigorous physical challenge supported by deep internal focus. It emphasizes how to transfer your lessons on the mat into daily life. Engage your body’s core strength, alignment, and breath with precision. This class provides both mental and physical release while enriching your self-knowledge. Forrest Yoga is founded on four pillars: breath, strength, integrity, and spirit.

Prana Yoga Center prenatal policy is that expecting mothers may attend only prenatal yoga.

Watch the video to learn more about Prana Yoga Center, our programs, and testimonials from students.

Why Practice Yoga at Prana?

We offer:

  • Classes for everyone, regardless  of your fitness level, age or yoga experience.
  • Convenient class times with over 35 classes per week.
  • Classes that provide a complete mind-body-spirit practice with asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath control), and meditation
  • A wide variety of yoga class styles ensure there’s a class designed for your specific needs and abilities
  • Skilled & caring teachers who are among the most highly trained and experienced in the Chicago area
  • An infrared heated studio, wall rope system, and extensive yoga props ensure your practice is safe and accessible
  • Clean, friendly, non-intimidating environment
  • Serving the community for 18 years

We’ve been voted a Best of the Fox Reader’s Choice Winner for over 10 years

When you practice yoga, you will:

  • Calm your mind, reduce your stress and improve your sleep
  • Strengthen your muscles, increase flexibility, and find balance
  • Lower your blood pressure and improve your circulation
  • Increase your metabolism and your energy level
  • Sharpen your mental clarity and enhance your creativity
  • Find an avenue for spiritual growth, self-discovery and personal transformation.
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  • 1) Purchase Our New Student Special

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  • 2) Install the Prana Yoga Center – Geneva IL App

  • 3) Register for Your First Class!

    For first time yoga practitioners, we recommend these classes:


    For experienced yoga practitioners, we have over 35 classes a week with several yoga styles for you to choose. See our schedule.

    You can read about our class styles here. Choose a class that matches your skill level.

    It is important that students new to yoga attend an “appropriate level class” on their first visit. If you need guidance on what class is right for you, use the contact form below and our Client Services Manager will be in touch.

    Note: It is Prana Yoga Center policy that expecting mothers may attend only prenatal yoga classes.

  • 5) Arrive 15 Minutes Early

    Please give yourself enough time for your first class to complete required paperwork and set up your mat.

    Bring your own mat

    We highly recommend that students bring their own yoga mat for cleanliness and safety purposes.

Note: If you have trouble registering for class with our App, no worries. Arrive 10 minutes early and we will synch your App with our system. We are here to help!


We are here to help you find the right class! Fill out the form below. We’ll get in touch to help you within 24 hours.

Need immediate assistance? Give us a call at 630-262-9642.

Noreen Norcross Client Services Manager at Prana Yoga Center Geneva IL


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