Source Code Meditation

Prana Yoga Center is honored to partner with Source Code Meditation

Learn the revolutionary ‘brain first’ meditation technique. Energize your higher brain, access enlightened states of consciousness, fall in love with yourself and take that back to the world.

With this program, you’ll discover:

  • How to create the next evolutionary stage of human consciousness.
  • How living your ‘soul purpose’ ends worry and stress while filling your life with joy, confidence and meaning.
  • How Source Code Meditation cracked a code promoting a gentle flow of transformative energy through your body activating dormant potential in your higher brain.
  • How introducing a revolutionary new meditation technique WHILE your higher brain is being activated enlightens your mind and awakens your purpose.

Source Code Meditation Workshops

Source Code Meditation will offer, at Prana Yoga Center, FREE introduction sessions to their revolutionary method that could further your path to physical health, mental and emotional stability, and spiritual growth. These free information sessions will help you get familiar with the methodology and Dr. Michael Cotton, founder of Source Code Meditation.

In addition, monthly facilitating sessions, which are incorporated into the Source Code Meditation program, will also be held at Prana Yoga Center for registered members of the SCM program.

About the Program

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In a time of a constantly demanding society, where interior peace is hard to find, where people’s lives are often driven by fears, and stress and anxiety have become a habit, we often crave for a solution that will allow us to live more meaningful and empowered lives.

Most meditation techniques, given enough time and focus, confer on the advanced meditators significant changes not only in the mind, but they also lead to large scale changes in the higher brain. These physical brain changes allow easier access and greater sustainability for the desired advanced meditative states of mind. However, very few of us ever make it to these rarified states of consciousness as we lack the necessary amount of time and focus.

This is where SCM differs. Rather than “using the mind to change the mind” until the brain changes, SCM helps you change the brain first: SCM teaches you the necessary techniques to mobilize latent energy in the body and direct it in a way that energizes the Higher Brain and tunes it to more efficiently receive the meditation that follows.

Once you learn the technique and create a foundation for the practice, SCM provides the practitioner with the 9 Summits of Transformation, a simplified step-by-step guided process that is derived and distilled from philosophy of ‘Integral Metatheory’ and serves a ‘map and means’ to live from your new meditative awakenings and transform yourself.

With Source Code Meditation you will:

  • Find deep peace, joy, and clarity by attaining enlightenment consciousness
  • Decrease stress, fear, and anxiety
  • Live with greater understanding and certainty of who you are
  • Purposefully navigate through life’s challenges with greater ease
  • Actualize your potential and experience a more liberated state of being.
  • Experience the gifts of decades of meditation

Source Code Meditation, the bookAll programs teach you to master the SCM technique on your own through a user-friendly, online program. Additionally, you can optionally register for ‘hands-on’ facilitated sessions provided by one of our certified SCM Facilitators.

Everyone who attends an informational session will receive Michael’s newly released book Source Code Meditation: Hacking Evolution Through Higher Brain Activation.

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About the Dr. Micheal Cotton

Dr. Michael Cotton

Michael Cotton is a leading theorist in the evolution of consciousness, culture, and the brain. With three decades of experience in personal and cultural transformation, he founded the internationally known Higher Brain Living movement. Michael graduated on the National Dean’s List and holds a doctorate in Chiropractic. He is the founder and director of Source Code Meditation.

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